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I am a Photographer, Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Musician and Storyteller.  A native of Hannibal, Missouri, best known as the hometown of Mark Twain; and I've always identified with Mr. Twain's assessment that “the difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

I studied Fine Art throughout grammar & high school and ultimately graduated from Webster University in Saint Louis, MO, with Bachelor of Arts in Photography & Film Production.  During my schooling years, my passion for literature persisted and a curiosity for cultural anthropology was born in me as well.  I also began to enjoy a successful career as a recording and performance musician while an undergraduate.  During the summer of my sophomore and junior year, I had the great pleasure of studying with some of the top Cinematographers of the day at UCLA in Los Angeles.  At that time I discovered the photography of Robert Frank, in particular his book "The Americans".  A memoir of the open road in the 1950s, a photojournalistic sonnet to hope and loneliness; those images continue to inspire me and imagine they always will.  

In 2002 I relocated from Saint Louis to Los Angeles, where I continue to photograph award winning scripted and non-scripted work and branded entertainment; working with esteemed clients such as TBWA Chiat Day, Leo Burnett, Nissan, Warner Brothers and Universal.  In 2013 I partnered with an equipment rental house and opened a creative production agency in Nashville, TN; House of Motion & The Jukebox Romeos, respectively.   As those companies continue to grow, I've had the opportunity to work with extraordinary artists, agencies and brands such as Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, All Boats Rise, Pledgeling, Zoetis, Cherwell, CMT and the Country Music Association.  

Everyday brings a new opportunity to share my story, resolve and vision with another human being.  Sometimes I seek to communicate through a photograph, other times a film and occasionally through a lyrical or instrumental song.  Whatever the means, my purpose is to share within the human condition our individual stories of love, sorrow, joy, pain, freedom, suffering, alchemy, fascination, determination, acceptance, despair and hope.  According to Woody Guthrie, "the note of hope is the only note that can keep us from falling to the bottom of the heap of evolution because, largely, about all a human being is anyway Is just, a hoping machine."

"Thunderstorm in your eyes, wiser, on the run.  Take all the happy days and ball them into one.  There's a light that shines our way and I'm gonna save you some, to cut through the darkness"   - from "With Me All the While".  - C. Brandon Clay

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